Our first blog post ever!

Hey bakers! Thanks for reading today!

Haley and I are so excited for this new little adventure we are starting! I thought a lot about what this first post should look like and I figured we should kick it off by telling you, in more detail than a homepage shows, a little bit about us, how we ended up starting this blog, and what our intentions are for it. Enjoy šŸ™‚

Despite living only 25 minutes from each other for a good portion of our lives, we only met our freshman year of college. Haley was actually one of my very first friends that I made. Through one conversation we realized we lived in the same area and the friendship just grew from there!Ā One night last Christmas break, while we were both home, we hung out and learned that we share a love for baking. All of this really started with a little batch of gingerbread men.

When summer finally came around we were exploring the downtown area where we live and found an amazing little French pastry cafe called Le Macaron. We instantly fell in love with the delicious treat. Another night we had little to nothing to do and the idea popped into both of our heads to make some macarons! Haley had never made them. I had only made them once before, and those were nothing to brag about. So, lets just say we had basically no (g00d) experience baking macarons.

We looked up a recipe for some pistachio macarons, since that seemed to be our favorite one that we tried; but the recipe was calling for things we couldn’t find on such short notice, we weren’t prepared as far as equipment was concerned, and the list of mistakes went on and on and on. Needless to say, we ended up with zero macrons to eat and a lot of dishes to clean. The second time around ended up being almost as horrific as the first, with only a couple of good macarons to (barely) eat as the end result.

Today is the third time we have tried making macarons. Today is also the day we started this blog. Now don’t get me wrong. We are not writing this to share with you our best recipes and our expertise in the art of baking. No, no. We know making macarons is a challenge. It is all about precision and measurements and perfect temperature and no humidity (we live in Florida so that has proven to be hard to work around)… Long story short, we made it our mission to make the perfect macaron. I mean PERFECT. I mean Laduree status. Since we madeĀ this our goal, we of course, dove right into the internet and did all the research we could. Blogs, Youtube videos, trips to the library, buying so many baking books and even books specifically tailored to making macarons!!!! You name it! We read it! There are a lot of great blogs out there with great help and advice but we couldn’t find one that was just right for us; so the idea of our own blog was born.

Our goal here is to share with you all of our mistakes- how we fix them; our favorite times making them; our not so favorite times; and everything in between, so that hopefully you can learn from our mistakes and won’t have to make your own!!

We are so excited about doing this blog and are going to do our best at making it as great as possible for all of you!

Happy baking!!

~ Sarah



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