Don’t Take It So Seriously…

Hey bakers,

So we all share a love of baking and when we are passionate about something, we tend to take it a little too seriously.

Our advice… Make it a fun experience and take it lightly!

Many, many times, Haley and I have gotten so frustrated… The batter is too thick; the whole cup of egg whites spills all over the floor; not enough sugar to try a third time… The list goes on and on and on…

You see, early on in our baking venture, we relied so strongly on sticking to the recipe, what other people called the perfect meringue, batter, ganache… One time specifically we were watching a video that told us how our batter should form a ribbon. We focused on the video so much that we ended up over folding our batter!! *cringes at the thought*. Mind you, we had no idea what the heck a ribbon was, what it should look like, or how we got this so called ribbon. Our eyes were so fixated on perfecting this recipe so early on that we stressed ourselves out!!

Recently, we got so stressed out with our failed attempts that we just gave it another go with as little care as possible. It was late, we were tired, almost out of ingredients; it wasn’t looking good. However, that batch came out much better than we’ve done before!

Today, we learned that some fun music and a little dancing can make a world of a difference! Haley turned on some old school jams, and we danced our way through the recipe. This batch of strawberry cheesecake macarons are our best to date and we are so excited to share this recipe with you!

Our quote for today; “She believed she could, so she did”

All this to say… Dance while you bake!!!!!!

Happy baking,


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Vanilla (French) shell with Strawberry Cheesecake filling


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