ROLL CALL! My name is Sarah!…

Hey bakers,

Now that we’ve got this blog up and running a little bit… ROLL CALL!!

Let’s get the basics out of the way… I am 19 years old. Artist. Musician. Singer. Friend to the best friends in the world. Sister to 4 younger sisters and 1 older brother. Daughter of my parents (of course). Christ follower. Current Floridian. OG New Yorker. Current after school professional (yeah that’s a real thing y’all). College student. Education major. Future special ed teacher. And more important for this blog… part time baker.

My baking skills have grown with me over the years. I think it all started with baking some chocolate chip cookies with my sister and grandma when I was about 5 or so… It’s been nonstop cookies, cakes, fondant, powdered sugar, and many, many messes to clean up, since then. I was always that person in school bringing in cookie brownies for bake sales or class parties, or making a huge cake I had no business making for my best friend birthday. It started with your basic cookies, that, lets face it, were more like charcoal than cookies; and now we are focusing on perfecting the macaron.

So here we are… I am so excited to work on this blog with my beautiful, awesome, amazing friend Haley (who is just as awkward and clumsy as I am) and share it with you all.

Happy baking,




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