As we mentioned before Sarah & I are nowhere near professional bakers. We are amateur all the way… meaning we make mistakes. We make the small mistakes as well as the big mistakes! So if you are feeling the stress and disappointment from a failure, whether it be in baking or in life, know you are not alone.

Last night we had one of those MAJOR fails. It all started with excitement and anticipation! We attempted to make our favorite macarons, our “holy grail” of macarons: the pistachio macaron. The batter was going great. It was setting right and our hopes were high! We couldn’t believe we were actually going  to nail our favorite macarons!


With the sacred macarons in the oven, it was time to start on our filling. The pistachio filling. Now up until this point we were feeling super confident. The kind of confident where you believe you are better and smarter and greater than what the recipe says. So who needs to follow what the recipe says when you are hyped on confidence? We took out all the ingredients for the filling which included the following:

  • homemade pistachio paste
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 oz butter
  • sugar
  • water

The recipe seemed a bit odd, considering egg yolks were involved, but did we think twice about it…nope. Instead of looking back at the recipe, we decided it would be best to put all the ingredients together and whisk it up in our handy dandy Kitchen Aid mixer. Sounds like a good and plausible idea right? WRONG!

With trust in our Kitchen Aid mixer, we watched as the ingredients turned into a swampy and loose and separated mixture (think omelet batter). With it finished (?), Sarah had the brilliant idea of having me be the guinea pig. I usually have no fear or qualms about tasting batters, so this one would be no different…right…? With much back and forth, I finally pulled my big girl pants up and tasted that filling (looks aren’t everything…is that how that line goes?). What did it taste like you ask?

LIKE PISTACHIO SCRAMBLED EGGS! But not cooked scrambled eggs. Oh no, rather the nasty gooey and raw taste and texture of scrambled eggs-with a hint of pistachio. 100% the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth (even beats the BeanBoozzled ‘baby wipe’ jelly bean I ate once…don’t ask,I still have nightmares about that one)!


In case you were wondering what that filling looked like, there it is, in all of its scrambled egg nastiness.

Why do I share this story?

Because sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned. Sometimes you will experience failure, both small and big. Sometimes plans go askew. Sometimes your buttercream batter that you were supposed to create a hot simple syrup mixture to pour slowly onto whipped egg yolks turns out to be a ooey gooey scrambled egg like nasty FAILURE. So take a deep breathe and pick yourself back up. Failure will come, but success is right around the corner. Failure may knock you down, but it hasn’t taken you out. Try again. Be even more confident the next time. Be bold. Be you. Conquer and overcome, not with wallowing in self pity, but by believing that with practice and with perseverance the light to your darkness is right around the corner!

Peace, Love, & Baking,




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