Visiting France



Our love for macarons brought us all the way to FRANCE…well Epcot France but who’s keeping tabs? The experience was magical! Walking into the little town of shops, benches, open windows, and the all encompassing French pastry shop made us feel like we were actually walking down the streets of France! Hopefully soon we will get to explore the real beauty and quaintness of France, but for now Epcot France will have to do ūüôā Walking into Epcot our mission was macarons! We even got pins that said, “I’m celebrating: Macarons!” (yes we are obsessed with this dainty,amazing, beautiful French cookie). So with our minds set on macarons we took a quick journey around the world to get to France!

Already adorable right!!? See that tower…it is a macaron tower! Those lollipop looking things, yep those are macarons as well! Our excitement level at this point was borderline crazy! We waited patiently in line for our chance to walk up and select our sweet treats! Although our main mission was macarons, how could we pass up the other amazing French desserts!


From croissants, meringues, chocolate eclairs, mousse, fruit tartes, trifles, and more the display case was a baker’s DREAM COME TRUE! Carefully peering into the case we made our selection of: raspberry chocolate cake trifle, chocolate almond croissant,and of course a box of MACARONS!!

The raspberry chocolate cake trifle was delicious! Diving the spoon into it was like entering a pink fluffy fantasyland! The top layer was a raspberry puree followed by a raspberry mousse followed by a thin layer of chocolate sponge cake! The tartness of the puree balanced well with the light and airy mousse which then was perfectly coupled with the moist chocolate sponge cake. All the flavors balanced together beautifully!¬† I was a little scared that it would be raspberry overkill, but it wasn’t. It was a splendid dessert that was the culmination of the raspberry!

The underrated croissant! I feel as if many people overlook croissants, but croissants are the baked good sent from heaven. With a golden brown crispy and flaky crust that leads to a¬†fluffy and buttery inside,how could you not order one? Rather than order the classic, I took a leap into the divine world of a chocolate almond croissant. Could there be anything more perfect? Dusted with powdered sugar the croissant was flaky and buttery at first bite, but then deep inside was nestled the almond paste and chocolate mixture. It wasn’t too chocolatey and wasn’t too almondy (I really like creating my own words!), but the perfect blend of the two. For those who doubt the combination of chocolate and almond, you are doing yourself a disfavor. When you hear almond you usually think of a hard crunchy nut, but ¬†made into a filling, almond turns into a gooey and yummy paste. Add some chocolate into the mix and the humble croissant is transformed into the most lovely baked good of all time!

Now onto the main event: THE MACARONS! These were absolutely perfect! Vibrant colors and flavors bursted from¬† the little box of macarons. Although we didn’t know all the flavors, we guessed from tasting and discovered the following: pistachio, orange, chocolate, blackberry, lemon, and raspberry. All of them were so amazing! You could taste the flavor really well and it was all perfectly balanced so to¬†avoid being overwhelmingly sweet. My favorite was the chocolate! It tasted like I was biting into a chocolate cake or brownie rather than a small little French cookie. The chocolate taste was intense but enough to satisfy my all-the-time chocolate cravings ūüėČ Biting into these¬†perfect and professional¬†macarons, you get a slight crisp and crack of the shell and then the soft and gooey middle finished¬†with the flavor and texture of the creamy filling! All-together delicious! What did we learn from tasting these macarons? That we are still 100% obsessed with them! But also that our colors can and should ¬†be vibrant, flavors need to explode (in a good way) in your mouth, and the insides ought to rise and form feet so as to look like a delicate little cloud! Visiting France (in Epcot) was a definite highlight!

Now we have to get into the kitchen to start baking these beauties!

Au Revoir!

Peace, love, and baking,






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