Got to Prep for Success

Hello Bakers!

As Sarah & I begin to plan our next macaron baking day, a lot of preparation and research must go into it. The reason being is that this time we will not have the comfort of our homes to bake in. That’s right as I write this, I am in a dorm room! So, seeking out a kitchen was a little tough, but thanks to the goodness of some friends, I scored us a space and an oven to bake in! This means that my baking buddy, Sarah, will have to bring over quite the load of equipment!

What does one need to perfect the macaron? The right equipment and the right process. Following the recipe will not cut it, the right equipment is needed in order for the perfect delicate and divine macarons to come out successfully.

After an extent of researching, I have come up with some tips and tricks that is important to keep in mind when baking.

  1. Folding:

When folding it is important to not underfold or overfold. How is this manageable? Look for the tell-tale signs. If when you pipe they look grainy or leave a tip at the top of the shell than you have underfolded, so keep folding. If your batter is too thick or is hard to pipe out that means you have overfolded. We are still looking into folding using the Kitchen Aid mixer, but not sure if that would work…any suggestions on this readers?


2. Baking:

This is the trickiest part. You can have the perfect batter, but it could all go awry if the temperature is too high, too low, or even if you leave the batter in for too long or too short of a time. Stressful? Yes! To avoid these problems it is smart to get to know your oven. Is it gas? Is it electric? Does it have a convection option? If you are going for the French method, your oven temperature should be between 300-320 degrees. The baking time ought to be between 11-14 minutes. Without a convection option putting in two racks at a time is not advisable. One pan at a time will have to work. You could put in two trays  on the same rack if your oven allows. If your temperature is too high you can vent the oven towards the end of baking.

As for now bakers that is all the advice I have for you!

Coming to you soon with macarons,



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