Hey bakers!

Where have Haley and I been lately? Good question!

The end of the sweet time that is Summer meant time to go back to school…Haley is once again three hours away and I am stuck back at home.

What have I done without my macaron buddy?! Very little macaronning…. thats what… Now, I know this stinks. It is actually quite unfortunate. However storms do not last forever. I soon shall be reunited with the lovely lady! But before we get to that; a little update on what’s been going on!

As I mentioned before, Haley is at school, three hours north from our home town. I am here still, working a job that I love and in school learning about the job that I strive to have someday. Being full time in both of these areas of my life has left me with very little time to continue the venture of perfecting the macaron; and although I have been doing some baking here and there, it has not been any more complex than cookies and brownies. (with the exception of one attempt at some chocolate macarons with another friend…)

How did those brownies turn out? Delicious!!… Those cookies? Each one better than the last!! (I will be sure to share some of those recipes in some future posts…) but what about those macarons? A failed attempt to say the least… Okay it wasn’t completely awful… The taste was amazing but the texture, the look, the consistency, was just not up to par. I miss my baking buddy!!

So now let’s get to the part when I talk about being reunited with Haley. Next Saturday afternoon, I will be leaving on a three hour drive to go see her!! So that’s about one week. AND YES! We do have plans to bake!!!

The dorms she lives in do not have kitchens.. this is obviously a problem for us bakers. So we are paying some friends in macarons, to let us borrow their ovens, to bake those macarons! I will be packing up my car with all the essential supplies, and we are going to bake our hearts out! What kind of flavor should we attempt this time?… We are slightly worried about the ovens not working too well and the limited space might prove to be a problem but nevertheless we are so excited to finally be able to bake again!



As you all know, we are big Disney lovers. It’s also fall time, which is the best time of the year so it’s only fitting to buy tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, make matching costumes and enjoy Halloween festivities with your best bud! (…That is exactly what we are doing by the way).

There will be overwhelming pictures and posts to come so stay tuned for all the adventures, baking, and laughs!

Happy baking,



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