Troubleshooting Guide

Having problems with your macarons? Frustrated that your whole batter came out awful!?Have no fear for our troubleshooting guide is here! This is a guide to make sure that your macarons come out perfectly every time!


Problem: Baking in a new environment

Solution: Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Now assess the environment around you. What type of oven is there? Is there enough counter space? Do you have all the ingredients that you need? Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take your time, have fun, and make those beautiful and delicious macarons!

Problem: Almond flour is damp or moist.

Solution: Go ahead and pour it out onto a baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Problem: Meringue is glossy but not full or fluffy. It lacks substance.

Solution: Let your egg whites sit out for at least 45 minutes before whipping them into the heavenly cloud of goodness!

Problem: Meringue is too stiff.

Solution: You have overeaten your meringue! Keep a close eye on your meringue. There is a fine line between stiff peaks and peaks that are overly stiff (think styrofoam).  Add in two more whipped egg whites to loosen it up.

Problem: Meringue is too loose.

Solution: Keep whipping that meringue! To know when you have reached the right consistency, see if your meringue stays if you flip the bowl over. If it falls, then keep whipping. If it stays then you are good to go!


Problem: Batter appears grainy.

Solution: Did not sift the batter enough. For a foolproof way sift both your almond flour and confectioner’s sugar 2-3 times and then together 2-3 times.

Problem: Batter is too loose and/or thin.

Solution: You have over mixed. Try adding in meringue powder.

Problem: Batter is too thick.

Solution: One of two things: under-mixed or incorrect ingredient measurements. Try adding in more meringue to loosen up batter a bit.

Problem: Tips will not settle.

Solution: Batter is too thick. Try to loosen batter by adding a bit of meringue .

Problem: No feet have formed.

Solution: Leave batter to rest for at least 30-40 minutes before placing them in oven.

Problem: Shells are hollow.

Solution: Adjust oven temperature. It is most likely too high. Temperature should be between 300-315 degrees Fahrenheit.

Problem: Shells are sticking to pan.

Solution: Did not bake them long enough or oven temperature too low. Oven temperature should be between 300-315 degrees Fahrenheit.


Peace, Love, & Baking,

Haley and Sarah


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