Disney On My Mind…

Disney is becoming more of a second home for Haley and me…

Hey Mousesketeers!!

How about another Disney post?! 

Right after we had our baking DISASTER, we went on a little trip to our favorite place! Thats right, the beautiful and magic world that is Disney! Today, I am going to share with you guys about that trip, tell you about our favorite rides, foods, desserts, and our experience at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! I will also be letting you in on some tips and tricks on how to conquer the parks and beat the lines on those crazy busy days!

img_4559Like any trip you are about to go on, you plan. What will I be eating? How much money can I spend on this trip? What time do we need to leave? When Haley and I were planning this trip, we hopped on FaceTime and immediately checked those FastPasses!  FastPasses are an absolute must! Take advantage of the option of picking three but plan it out strategically. If you play your cards right, you can skip the lines and make all the fun attractions without having to wait too long. Our trick is to pick FP’s for our favorite attractions and plan to do smaller attractions between them. Get to your FP at the very beginning or very end of the time block to squeeze in some time for other must do’s! So since we went to Animal Kingdom in the morning we will go over the AK favorites first.

Animal Kingdom Must Do’s (according to Sarah and Haley)- and how to plan the right way…

# 1- Expedition Everest: This thrilling escape from the Yeti is my favorite ride in the whole park! I would ride it a million times if I could without getting a massive headache. The first thing on our agenda that morning was to conquer Mount Everest!! However, despite our planning, we somehow missed our first FastPass of the morning. We still don’t really know how this happened, since we planned every bit of our schedule down to the minute, and we were even ahead of schedule when we left campus. Father Time just was not on our side, I suppose. But thats okay, because that brings me to my next item on the list…

# 2- Take fun pictures in front of the Tree of Life: Like I said, we missed our FastPass. As we realized this, we were entering the park and found ourselves in front of the magnificent tree. There were soooo many people around taking pictures! We decideimg_0234d “why not?”. So we hopped into line and started thinking of some fun little poses. When it was our turn, the photographer took some cute pictures of us jumping in front of the tree, and an adorable one of us holding up that animal print frame! (see above picture). BUT HE DID NOT STOP THERE! He kept snapping shots. We did a lot of those “magic” shots and they were so fun and most certainly magical! We felt like we were in a photoshoot! People were watching as we did the different poses. The photographer even asked if we were cast members, which for some reason made us even happier. Needless to say, we weren’t even bothered by the fact we missed our favorite ride! **If you are going to take anything away from this post, let it be this, DO NOT MISS THE PHOTO-OPS!**

# 3- Festival of the Lionimg_0200 King: This show is a must see when at Animal Kingdom! This is my all time favorite show and I have got Haley hooked! She has never seen it until the previous time we went- I was appalled- but she loved the show and this time, it was at the top of our list! I highly recommend getting a FP for this because although theres no bad seat, there are definitely BETTER seats!


# 4- Wildlife Express and Rafiki’s Planet Watch: Who wouldn’tdsc_0198-2 want to ride a train from Harambe, Africa to meet Rafiki?! Or to pet goats?! Or to see the animal housing? Or to watch people study animal poop?! I mean cmon! Although the description on the Disney website says the age interest is young children, the entire place has Haley and I captivated! Step off the train and enjoy the cute little monkey exhibit for a minute. If you watch Friends, you can see Marcel! Snap a picture with Chip and Dale or Rafiki himself. We do not recommend going into the weird bug sound rooms, or sticking your hand in the scary spider hole, but other than that, LOVE IT! (Just our opinion though)… Haley’s favorite part is the goats! You can walk outside; get up close and personal with some cute goats! Perfect selfies!

dsc_0210    screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-9-24-11-pm

# 5- Kilimanjaro Safari: We’re in Animal Kingdom to see the animals right? So we cant skip the safari! Well… this last time we may have skipped the safari but it was closed part of the time, and there were no FP’s available. And when everyone is trying to see all of the elephants and lions, its hard to wait in that line. This is still a must on a trip especially if you have never experienced it! It seems they may have removed the scary bridge almost breaking, never shall we return to Africa again thing, which makes me a little upset since that was such a highlight on that attraction. Still fun nevertheless.

**Another “must-d0” for all you foodies, is a stop at Royal Anandapur Tea Company for some lovely iced teas (or a GIANT donut). Haley’s favorite is the iced blackberry jasmine green tea, and mine is the iced red raspberry hibiscus tea! Just across the way is Yak & Yeti. Haley got me hooked on the chicken fried rice! It is our go to place to eat now whenever we are at AK! We even got an extra one time to take on the road. The egg roles are another of my favs!!


Seeing that Halloween just passed, we thought it would be fitting to share about our experience at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

The first step was creating our costumes! Hours of Pinterest searching led way to our adorable idea to be Lilo and Stitch. We had our hearts set on having the perfect duo costumes and this just seemed so fitting! Haley called Stitch and I was Lilo! It would have been ideal to make these costumes together but she’s 3 hours away and I wouldn’t see her until the day before our Halloween adventure. So we worked on our costumes, and worked some more, and worked even more! We did not perfect them until the very last minute. The night before I was leaving, the final touches were added and we were ready to go!

Processed with VSCO with c4 presetAs soon as we got to Magic Kingdom, we knew our costumes were a big hit! Hardly any other Lilo’s or Stitches to be found. (Many, many, many Waldo’s were found that night though… We still don’t know why that was such a popular costume). Cast Members continued telling us how much they loved our costumes or how cute we looked! We loved when they played along, asking me if Stitch is being mean, or asking Haley where Lilo was hanging around!

The photo ops were endless! “Magic” shots turned into special Halloween magic shots; we were surrounded by ghosts instead of holding Tinkerbell in our hands. Pumpkins everywhere and spooky fog in the air. When we entered the park as a Halloween Party guest, we were gestured to walk the opposite way of the leaving crowd. As we continued walking towards the Halloween signs, we were handed little bags and stopped at our first Trick or Treat station! This first stop was pretty grand, due to the fact that we got full size candy bars and bags of CRISPY (the best) M&M’s. As we continued through the park we collected loads of candy at various Treat spots throughout the park and enjoyed our favorite rides!

So here it is folks, our must-do’s for Magic Kingdom, with a little Halloween twist!


# 1- Space Mountain: There’s nothing better than having a tutu too poofy for your space rocket. Really, our tutus were too poofy, but still we rode our way through space at the speed of light! Be sure to conquer this ride more than once (preferably on both sides) because we are convinced the right side is faster than the left.

#2- Tea Cups: A very merry unbirthday to us! We love this whirling, twirling, swirling ride that is the tea cups. Not only can you take the most adorable pictures, you can have a blast spinning around in these oversized cups of fun!

# 3- Pictures on Main Street and in front of Cinderella’s Castle:Processed with VSCO with c4 presetYou enter into Magic Kingdom and you are overwhelmed by the magic of Main Street. Mesmerizing balloons, twinkly lights, Mickey pumpkins, and the beautifully spooky Castle captivate you immediately. Don’t forget my previously mentioned tip… DO NOT MISS THE PHOTO OP! Stop at all of the smiling photographers, do the fun Halloween poses, jump in front of the castle! These pictures are always our favorite!

# 4- Haunted Mansion: If anything was a representation of Halloween, this ride was it! Instead of hopping in the FastPass line, you were entertained by a ghoulish lady who was speaking with the crowd. The mansion itself was list in dark colors with fog all around. The workers were extra spooky that night with full on zombie-esque make up. We hopped into our coffin-like carriages and braved the eyes that will give you nightmares, the lamp that scares you right out of your seat, and the clock that strikes hour 13. One of our favorite parts of this ride is the sign that says “Tomb Sweet Tomb”. Haley reads it aloud in a sweet voice every time we pass it. Oh, and beware of hitching ghosts!! **Tip for this ride: look for opportunities to scare your neighbors!

# 5- Buzz Lightyear: Getting on this ride, it is your mission to defeat Zurg. From the moment you are able to shoot your laser, you must aim for every target. The key to this ride is to find your laser. Aim high and low but don’t miss out on the targets that will win you the most points! That magical night, we BOTH became Galactic Heroes! That’s right we earned 999,999 points! The highest possible score on the ride! How did we pull off such a high achievement?! Maybe we’ll tell you another time… 😉


Of course there are more things to experience! You should always pin trade, always eat a yummy Mickey shaped treat, always ride Splash Mountain, or visit other parks… so stay tuned for more Disney posts!!

Happy adventuring, Mouseketeers!

~ Sarah



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