5 Essential Disney Tips

Hey there fellow Mouseketeers!

Visiting Disney is one of our (Sarah & I) top favorite things to do!

There is something magical that happens when you enter under the Walt Disney World signs and first catch a glimpse of the purple street signs. You can wear ears on your head, smile with characters, scream and laugh on rides, and it is completely normal! You get to never grow up for the amount of time you are in Mickey territory!

Thus, I thought it best to give you the 5 Essential Tips that will make your next trip all that much more MAGICAL!

  1. The Bag

Packing a bag for Disney trips is a MUST (this is especially true if you are Park Hopping)! Although it might not be the coolest/hippest of looks to carry around a bag or backpack all img_5312day, it will definitely come in handy! What do you pack inside?

  • Camera: Don’t get me wrong, 99.9% of the time I snap pics with my iPhone. However, I love bringing my Fujifilm Instax Mini with me to the parks! Nothing beats having polaroid pics to commemorate your Disney adventure! If you are into photography then bringing your professional camera every now and then to the parks will ensure those high quality pics. 
  • Sunglasses: The Sunshine State ensures that there will be sunshine all the time- year round! Protect your eyes friends and rock out those shades!
  • Sunscreen: As a Floridian native, sunscreen is never placed in my bag. In fact, every time I see sunscreen pulled out in the parks I think…TOURIST! However, it is not a bad idea to toss in your bag during those HOT HOT HOT summer months.
  • Bandaids & basic First Aid supplies: Because you never know when you might need one!
  • Autograph book: When I was little getting the characters to sign my autograph book was my favorite thing in the world! If you’re going with little ones, don’t forget the book!
  • Battery Charger: Portable battery chargers are a LIFESAVER! It is the difference between having your phone die or your phone stay alive!
  • Snacks: Disney food & snacks can add up quickly. To help tie you over between meals or until those late night reservations pack a couple of granola bars, trail mix, or snack of your choice to keep your energy up!
  • Poncho: Florida weather is EXTREMELY unpredictable! Grab a one at the dollar store to avoid having to hash out $10 for one in the parks.

2. Attire

Dressing totes adorbs for your Disney trip is not only fun to do, but for Sarah & I it is tradition and a must. However, make sure that your outfit will be conducive to the Disney elements. You will be walking (A LOT), you might have to do some short term sprinting in order to ensure you make your FastPass time, you will experience the Florida heat/humidity (non-stop day and night), and lastly you will need an outfit that will last all day. Thus, although your flats are cute…choose shoes that will hold up to your plans. Rain in Florida will come and go, think about packing that Poncho to keep your “totes adorbs” outfit safe and dry! 

3. Ears

It’s all about the ears! Sarah & I are in love with wearing Mickey ears to the parks! Find your fav pair and wear them with confidence! Looking for some ears? Check out shophouseofmouse (https://www.etsy.com/shop/shophouseofmouse), themermaidharp (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMermaidHarp), and the Disney store!

4. Photo Op

Disney has great places for photo opportunities! The Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom (along with all of the other #wallsofdisney), castle pics, selfies with goats (Rafiki’s Planet Watch in AK), etc. etc. Take lots of your own pictures in fun places, but don’t forget about the opportunities that Disney offers. Visit the friendly picture people, take pictures with the characters and/or the princesses, and attraction pictures are not only fun to see, but great to look back on. Go ahead and strike your pose! 

5. Hydration

This may be the best tip of them all! How do you survive a day in the parks? By staying hydrated! Even if you’re not thirsty make sure you have water near by. Dehydration is not 4f2b3b5b-c0b4-4d9f-a032-c2d868d6a8a8a joke people! Keep in mind that at every quick service restaurant and Starbucks they will be glad to give you a free cup of water to keep you feeling refreshed and hydrated throughout the day!  


Peace, love & Pixie Dust,



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