Gettin’ crafty!

Lately Haley and I have been OBSESSED with Minnie Ears; and this love does not stop at your classic red/white plush polka dots or all sequins ears. NO MA’AM (or sir…) Here are some of our favorites lately…

haley-flamingo-ears    macaron ears.jpg

**These adorable ears are both from shophouseofmouse. You can find her shop on instagram and/or Etsy**

Everyone loves a good DIY. Everyone also loves a good pair of Minnie Ears. So here’s a nice little Disney DIY post for ya!

Today Haley and I gave our best shot at some wire Minnie ears. We decided to go with some floral and little bow ears- with some inspiration from themermaidharp (look her up on insta!)

Since we are not professional bloggers or DIY-ers, we forgot to take pictures along the way but heres our step by step followed by our finished products!

Step 1: HIT UP JO~ANN’S (or your local craft store). 

  • Find yourself the perfect flowers and/or ribbon- we each picked our own flowers and decided on some blush and white colored 1.5 in. ribbons (be sure your ribbon is stiff so it does not fall when you make your bow) 
  • Grab some aluminum floral wire- we used the thickest wire we could find 
  • You will also need: pliers, .5 in. headbands, felt or satin ribbon, hot glue gun 

Step 2: Measure, cut, and mold wire wire 

  • If you have a pair of Minnie ears and you are good with the size of them, outline the ears with the wire and use pliers to cut it to the desired size. (give yourself some excess just incase) 
  • Find a jar (or something hard for a mold) and wrap your wire around it. Begin forming the ears in the circular shape you would like.
  • Bend the ends outwards to create a base, this is how you will attach the ears to the headband. 

Step 3: Attach ears and make it nice! 

  • Using a hot glue gun, attach one end of the ear to the desired spot on the headband. Repeat on each end until your ears are attached.
  • If you have glue hanging around, do not worry! Cut a tiny piece of felt or satin ribbon, wrap it around and glue it on to cover up the base of the ears. 

Step 4: Here is the fun part! 

  • If you are making a flower crown, go ahead and just throw em on there! This part is completely up to you and how you want it to look! We do suggest laying out a rough draft just to get an idea of how you want them to look but after that, go crazy!! -to cover up all of the glue and ends of the flowers, cut a thin piece of flat, long enough to cover the length of the flowers and glue it down. 
  • If you are going for a cute little bow, cut a piece of ribbon 8 inches long, and one more 3 inches long. With the longer piece, fold the ends in and glue them, meeting in the center. Pinch the center so the middle of the bow is folded. Glue the bottom half onto the headband. To keep the top from popping up, take that smaller piece, fold it in half, wrap it around the center and glue it down. 

And there you have it folks! You’ll be creating ears like a pro!

Here are our finished products…

finished product.jpg

Thanks for reading along with us! We hope you can create some adorable ears as well!

Happy crafting!

Sarah and Haley


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