Book Bag Essentials

Hello Friends!

As many of you know I go to college at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. My semester is truly getting back into the swing of things, which means I need to stay on top of my schedule and my assignments. I have a few essentials I always place in my bag and I thought I would share them all with you!

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To begin with, my favorite essential of all is my planner! That’s right, I still carry around a planner that I can physically write in. I know many people keep their schedule in their phone and there are some great apps out there if you are on the more technological side of things. However, I remember things best when I physically write them down and I stay much more organized when I use a planner versus my phone. I got mine as a Christmas gift and it is from the Rifle Paper Company (see similar planners here!). I really love this planner as it gives a new quote each week and there is enough space for me to add my to-do’s as well as add splashes of color throughout!

Next up is a notebook! This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised at the amount of students who come to class without anything to write on and/or with. Be a good student and bring a notebook along. Depending on what class I am going to, I switch out between a small notebook and a 3-subject notebook. If you bring a notebook to class odds are you are going to need something to write with. I usually always have  my handy dandy pencil case on hand, but to cover my bases I throw in an extra pencil and highlighter just in case. You never know what nugget of wisdom your professor might depart to you. Thus, make sure you have your notebook and pencil ready to go (plus your professor will think you are a great student)!

Besides a notebook, I like to keep some sticky notes and some paper clips/clips  just in case I need to write down a quick reminder, send a note in class (I do pay attention I promise), or stick some vital message on my notes. There have been many times where I am in dire need of a paper clip or a bigger clip. I like to keep a few in my bag just so I never have to search and dig or ask for one.  Again one can never be too prepared.

Lastly, I make sure I have a snack and water with me. I have many days where my classes are back to back which means I don’t have a break for lunch. To hold myself over, I bring snacks such as crackers, granola/protein bars, or trailmix packs (Trader Joe’s sells great ones!). It is also important that throughout my day I am staying hydrated. Did you know that in order for our brain to function properly we need to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water just to keep our brain going strong throughout the day? Water is important! I love my Corkcicle (here) as it keeps my water cold all day and as an added bonus it has my monogram on it! Keep yourselves energized and hydrated!

Before I walk out my door, I have to make sure I have my Student ID with me. This little card does a lot and it would not be a good thing if I lost it. P.S.- Bring your Student ID with you when you go shopping or out to eat. Many stores/restaurants near college campuses offer student discounts! It never hurts to ask!

Study hard and make good decisions!

Peace, love, and happy studying,



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