Planning Your Perfect Disney Trip…

Hello fellow Disney lovers!

I have missed you all. It has been quite some time since my last post but boy do I have some stories for you! My time away from the blog has been nothing short of eventful! There have been so many fun Disney trips and I am so excited to share them with you all!

The other day my dad was planning a little trip for him and my youngest sister to go to Disney for the weekend. He had a million questions for me because around my house they think I am some Disney expert. Hey, I’m not saying I am but I’m not going to put down their compliments! Anyway, I was helping him plan, get the Fast Passes and telling him all the ways to work the system; the best places to go for lunch, which shows to see, the whole shebang!

Haley and I are big planners. Even on a day that was so laid back and had no commitments, we couldn’t help but plan our day down to the minute. So, I am going to let you in on some of our planning strategies for how to make a Disney day the BEST possible!

  1. img_6129Parks and Fast Passes: Okay first thing’s first. Figure out which parks you and your friend are going to hit up that day! If you play your cards right, you can book your Fast Passes in the afternoon. I know what you’re saying… “Sarah… Why would I wait till the afternoon to use my FP” … Good question! We go to a park like Hollywood first thing in the morning to get on all of those big rides like Tower of Terror (My favorite and Haley’s actual tower of TERROR) or Toy Story Mania (which Hal beats me at every time) with little to no wait time. Then we conquer the rest of the day at MK with our FastPasses! After that… more planning! dsc_0015
  2. Packing: Okay, everyone needs the PERFECT outfit for those magical Disney photo ops! Grab your most adorable Disney tees, matching ears, some white converse (or Chaco’s for Hal) your favorite pairs of shorts, jeans or bottoms (depending on weather) and toss ‘em in your Vera duffle! While you’re at it, grab that Vera backpack you have hidden in the back of your closet. Can’t forget your polaroid- for cute memories, your AP- for those discounts and VIP entrance, and do not forget your rain jacket because you never know when Florida will send a Tornado and torrential downpour your way! 
  3. Wait times without FP: So you have used the last of your three FP’s. It’s okay. While you’re waiting in that gloriously short line, take a minute to get out your phone, open up the My Disney Experience app and look at what other FP is up for grabs! Find something as close to the present time as possible. I know. It’s a bummer you can only get one. But fear not! Look at the wait times for the rides near you or on your way to the next FP. Take a stop there; then your next FP; then repeat! 
  4. img_5871Food: We all love those sweet Mickey shaped treats, yummy buttery popcorn, and who doesn’t get chicken nuggets and fries every time they are at Disney! But I mean… We are college students and even though we love to eat, sometimes you got to carry along some snacks. Haley loves to pack her little bags of trails mix that we will- break the rules- break out, and eat in lines. So, plan to bring some snacks along! Also, plan for at least one nice dinner every now and then. Ya know… TREAT YO SELF and all… Look into what reservations are available for the day you are going to spend a little extra moola on dinner. Make sure you can actually commit to this though because they will still charge you if you miss the reservation- which no one wants!
  5. RAIN!: This is Florida people… You should always have a backup plan for if/when it starts raining… Should you have forgotten your rain jacket, you don’t carry around an umbrella in your Mary Poppins bag, and you don’t want to get a Disney poncho; take shelter in the beautiful shops on Main Street. They all connect so it is easy to explore every single one of them and even easier to get lost in all the Mickey magic!img_5866
  6.  Parades and Shows: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget about those shows and parades. Whether it is Festival of the Lion King (my personal favorite), the Finding Nemo Musical, watching the First Order walk down Hollywood Blvd., a performance in front of Cindy’s castle, or a parade down Main Street, you must schedule some time in for this magic! So always be sure to grab your Mickey ice cream (a tradition I will never let die) and watching those fireworks! It is a perfect way to wrap up a day at the parks!  **bonus- Don’t forget about those little side shows too that happen throughout the parks. Haley just discovered one near the Hall of Presidents! and pictured here is one of my new favorites; watching the Dapper Dans on Main Street!

I think that’s all of my tips on how to make that most of your Disney trip.

What are your tips and tricks for conquering the park?! Let us know!!

May the force be with you,


Here are some pictures from our most recent Disney trips we haven’t been able to write about yet!


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