DIY Tassel Wall

Hello Fellow DIY-ers!

As many of you know, I currently live in a dorm on my campus (Southeastern University). Decorating in a dorm space is one of the most exciting and frustrating things I have done. I IMG_6359absolutely love to fill my space with things that remind me of family, fun times, and at the same time make the room feel cozy. At the same time, creating in a small space can have its challenges. As semesters fly by, I feel more confident that my space not only reflects my personality, but is also a place that I can unwind and feel at home in. It is my own personal space that I can dream, study (eww), and hang with friends. When I got back to campus after Christmas break, I was completely shocked at the state of my room. It was functional, but needed some serious renovations and re-styling. That is where the DIY Tassel Wall came in!  Keep reading for this fun, easy, and super-cute DIY. Read More!