Summer is HERE!

Hello bakers!

It has been awhile, but as you all know school in the spring gets to be a bit crazy! Now that Sarah and I are both out of school we are really ready to enjoy the SUMMER! Being away from a kitchen for a whole semester is killer, especially when all you want to do is bake macarons. However, I’m back in the kitchen and ready to share with you a new macaron perfect for summer…Strawberry Lemonade Macarons!

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DIY Tassel Wall

Hello Fellow DIY-ers!

As many of you know, I currently live in a dorm on my campus (Southeastern University). Decorating in a dorm space is one of the most exciting and frustrating things I have done. I IMG_6359absolutely love to fill my space with things that remind me of family, fun times, and at the same time make the room feel cozy. At the same time, creating in a small space can have its challenges. As semesters fly by, I feel more confident that my space not only reflects my personality, but is also a place that I can unwind and feel at home in. It is my own personal space that I can dream, study (eww), and hang with friends. When I got back to campus after Christmas break, I was completely shocked at the state of my room. It was functional, but needed some serious renovations and re-styling. That is where the DIY Tassel Wall came in!  Keep reading for this fun, easy, and super-cute DIY. Read More!

Planning Your Perfect Disney Trip…

Hello fellow Disney lovers!

I have missed you all. It has been quite some time since my last post but boy do I have some stories for you! My time away from the blog has been nothing short of eventful! There have been so many fun Disney trips and I am so excited to share them with you all!

The other day my dad was planning a little trip for him and my youngest sister to go to Disney for the weekend. He had a million questions for me because around my house they think I am some Disney expert. Hey, I’m not saying I am but I’m not going to put down their compliments! Anyway, I was helping him plan, get the Fast Passes and telling him all the ways to work the system; the best places to go for lunch, which shows to see, the whole shebang!

Haley and I are big planners. Even on a day that was so laid back and had no commitments, we couldn’t help but plan our day down to the minute. So, I am going to let you in on some of our planning strategies for how to make a Disney day the BEST possible!

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Gettin’ crafty!

Lately Haley and I have been OBSESSED with Minnie Ears; and this love does not stop at your classic red/white plush polka dots or all sequins ears. NO MA’AM (or sir…) Here are some of our favorites lately…

haley-flamingo-ears    macaron ears.jpg

**These adorable ears are both from shophouseofmouse. You can find her shop on instagram and/or Etsy**

Everyone loves a good DIY. Everyone also loves a good pair of Minnie Ears. So here’s a nice little Disney DIY post for ya!

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5 Essential Disney Tips

Hey there fellow Mouseketeers!

Visiting Disney is one of our (Sarah & I) top favorite things to do!

There is something magical that happens when you enter under the Walt Disney World signs and first catch a glimpse of the purple street signs. You can wear ears on your head, smile with characters, scream and laugh on rides, and it is completely normal! You get to never grow up for the amount of time you are in Mickey territory!

Thus, I thought it best to give you the 5 Essential Tips that will make your next trip all that much more MAGICAL!

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Disney On My Mind…

Disney is becoming more of a second home for Haley and me…

Hey Mousesketeers!!

How about another Disney post?! 

Right after we had our baking DISASTER, we went on a little trip to our favorite place! Thats right, the beautiful and magic world that is Disney! Today, I am going to share with you guys about that trip, tell you about our favorite rides, foods, desserts, and our experience at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! I will also be letting you in on some tips and tricks on how to conquer the parks and beat the lines on those crazy busy days!

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